Santo Andre

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive in Santo André, Bahia, Brazil from the 08th to the 27th of July 2018

The course

The workshop takes place in the Pousada Ponta de Santo André, right in the middle of the village of Santo André. We will start with a meditation every morning, followed by Mysore Style practice at 7am. On 4 afternoons we will do a ‘maintenance’ class, where you can ask your questions and we work on relevant topics related to your practice in detail.

sunset sirsasana shala

I am also very happy to have Lucia Ehlers teaching theory classes on Patanjalis Yoga Sutras in the afternoon, on Tuesdays an Thursdays from 5 to 6.30pm. Lucia has a very broad spectrum of philosophical and practical knowledge and shares it in a simple and accessible way.

Santo Andre

Santo Andre

How to get there

The nearest airport is in Porto Seguro. From there, if you haven’t arranged for a pickup with your guesthouse, take a bus or a taxi (half an hour trip) to Santa Cruz de Cabrália. Then the means of transportation is the ferry, which leaves all day, with intervals between 30 minutes and an hour and the journey takes about 10 minutes. To get to the village, which is 2 km away from the ferry, you can easily walk or take a ride with somebody.



For accommodation I recommend Pousada Ponta de Santo André, where the Yogashala is situated.

Rogério, who looks after the place, is a practitioner and hosts us since the beginning. He runs the place with a lot of love and care. His contacts:

Prices for the course

  • 3 weeks R$ 1230,-
  • 2 weeks R$ 990,-
  • 1 week R$ 560,-
  • additional class 95,-

Note that the prices don’t include the Yoga Sutra afternoon classes with Lucia.

Prices for the Yogasutra classes:

  • 1 class R$ 40,-
  • 4 classes R$ 150,-
  • 6 classes R$ 220,-

For any further information send me an email to


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